Stem Cell therapy is promising Alzheimer cure



Alzheimer is one of nowadays’ prevalent diseases related to aging, and according to studies it will affect over than 100 million people worldwide by 2050. Unfortunately, up till now there’s no effective cure, but a new study published recently found that a promising cure is likely to be found at stem cells science.

The study was carried by a group of researchers at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre, Brazil and the “Experiments were performed in 60 male Wistar rats”. The scientists’ aim “was to investigate the effects of stem cells implants from human dental pulp, human adipose tissue and mice renal tissue on the behavior of rats in a model for AD (Alzheimer Disease).”

After a series of experiments, surgeries, and behavioral test “Results showed an improvement in the behavioral performance of implanted rats with stem cells over the non-implanted group” the researchers noticed.

The study was published recently under the Advances in Stem Cells studies, and after long experiments and data collected on stem cells-based therapy, the researchers found encouraging results that would lead to Alzheimer cure. According to researchers “cell therapy may be used to treat neurodegenerative diseases” among which Alzheimer is categorized.


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