Uric acid is a biomarker of type 2 diabetes



Diabetes is considered a major health problem with increasing prevalence, and leading cause of morbidity, mortality and vast complications. In order to determine if a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, there are a number of metabolic biomarkers that are taken in consideration, and currently serum uric acid is not included. Yet, a new study finds that serum uric isn’t something to be overlooked in diabetes diagnosis.

Researchers studied 1205 patients and discovered that there’s direct correlation between uric acid and development of type 2 diabetes. According to the study “uric acid might have an important role in the determination of the beta cell function in patients with type-2 diabetes, augmentation of insulin secretion and improvement of glycemic control both in type-1 and type-2 diabetic patients.”

The study that was published recently at a Journal of Research in Diabetes was carried by a group of scientists at Aseer Central Hospital in Abha, Saudi Arabia.

The researchers said that they have used for the first time what they referred to as “regression equation”, a link between uric acid and insulin levels. So, “By this regression equation methodology, insulin secretion and levels can be easily determined by diabetologist or physician in routine clinical practice for type-2 DM patients” the study stated.

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