Adolescents’ Perception of Sense of Community and How It Could Help



Understanding adolescents’ behaviors and how they perceive community will help to easily communicate with them and how to target them in marketing strategies and make offers. This is what has been stressed by a new study that has been published recently.

Like adults, adolescents want to belong to a community. The adolescent looks forward to break her or his parents’ long control since early ages. That belonging is not always negative but has also positive effects on the development of the adolescent’s personality and has an impact on how s/he behaves. These are some of the facts discussed by the study which is conducted by two researchers from Faculty of Economics and Management of Tunis, Tunisia and published in a Journal of Marketing Research & Case Studies.

Both adolescents and adults need that sense of community and have a need to belong to a group, but “Structure of sense of community in adolescents is different from that in adults”, the study cited. In addition to the four components of which adults structure is composed “(belonging, influence, needs fulfillment and emotional connection)”, Structure of sense of community in adolescents includes additional items “related to trust, identification and pleasure/fun” the study stated.

Belonging to a group gives one a kind of security and protection and “During adolescence, young people express a strong need to belong to a group. This latter helps them to take distance from their parents and find their own identities” as mentioned by the research. The adolescent get bothered by the limits imposed on him by his parents, so “with friends, adolescents often look for transgressing the rules imposed by parents and free themselves from parents’ control of their reactions and decisions” the study stated.

Understanding the sense of community within adolescents and how they behave within their groups “may serve many professionals. In marketing, firms interested in communities of adolescents should develop communication, positioning and segmentation strategies that consider the aspects the most important for these communities in order to better target their offers.”

The study stressed out that “In the social field, understanding sense of community in adolescents and distinguishing it from that of adults helps better understand social behavior of this age category.”


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