Another Virus Similar to Ebola That Threatens World Health



Since the spread of Ebola virus in West Africa last March, more than 1900 have passed, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The fatal virus started in Guinea and later spread to neighboring countries including Sierra Leone and Liberia before hitting more countries. WHO stated that Ebola Virus “is a severe, often fatal illness in humans” and the virus “outbreaks have a case fatality rate of up to 90%.”

The Ebola “first appeared in 1976 in 2 simultaneous outbreaks, in Nzara, Sudan, and in Yambuku, Democratic Republic of Congo” according to the WHO. The virus took its name Ebola from a River in Congo where it was first discovered.

The virus of Ebola attacks the body and causes damages to the immune system. Eventually, it leads to huge levels of blood cells to drop, and this in turn leads to severe, unmanageable bleeding.

But it’s not only Ebola that threatens world health, but there are other infectious viruses like H1N1, Meningitis, Denge virus and many others. The latter has a lot of similarities with Ebola as both viruses attack lungs and share a number of symptoms including intense fever, severe headache, and muscle pain with the exception that Denge seldom causes death. The WHO says that Denge virus “transmission has increased predominantly in urban and semi-urban areas and has become a major international public health concern.”

A new study which is published in a Journal of Respiratory Medicine Research and Treatment has stated that “an estimated 50 million-infected people occur each year and more than 2.5 billion people are being at risk of infection, but the simultaneous worldwide distribution of the risk of dengue virus infection and its public health burden are poorly understood.”

Like Ebola, which WHO said that “vaccines are being tested, but none are available for clinical use,” Denge virus also has no “novel diagnostics, novel vaccines, and novel antivirals,” as stated by aforementioned study. “The development of novel protective measures against dengue virus infection are urgently needed worldwide, particularly in the tropical regions” the study emphasized.

The world’ attention now is turned to Ebola virus, but there are several other viruses that aren’t less dangerous than Ebola. If much work and cooperation are needed to face Ebola, the other fatal viruses too require the same attention to find vaccines and effective treatments, and also to let people know about them.


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