How 6 Months Walking Program Can Affect Health?


Physical activity is one of the healthiest things you can do to help maintain a good health, and being physically active on a regular basis is beneficial for your health and prevents many health problems. And the need for physical training becomes more important when one is getting older.

A lot of studies have stressed out that physical exercises give more benefits for older adults’ health, and those who have regular physical exercises gain a lot more. Among these studies, a recently published study that stressed out this value and how crucial physical training is.

The study was carried by researchers from the Faculty of physical education and sports, Charles University from Czech Republic and published in a JMED Research Journal. As stated in the study, the aim “was to verify if a moving program based on walking may influence aerobic fitness and body composition in female seniors.”

The researchers studied the case of a group of senior women without any regular physical activity. Then the group of women started physical exercises by walking between 90 and 250 minutes per week. The results showed that after 6 months of training BM and BCM increased, and the percentage of BF decreased.  The researchers come to a conclusion “that a 6-month exercise program based on continuous walking that produced an energy expenditure of 3970kJ during a week, is useful for the improvement of AF and BC in senior women.”

People that are physical active help prevent chronic illnesses and improve also their mental health. The aforementioned study mentioned that “physical activity can minimize physiologic changes associated with aging, increase longevity, and decrease the risk of many diseases”.

The main challenge that faces elders to exercise regularly is how to keep the motivation especially with illness, health problems and concerns to fall, or any other reasons. But, if these are all motives to stop, one can turn them into incentives to get up and exercise. It’s also important to mention that physical training can invigorate one’s mood and reduce stress, and above all change feeling of well-being.


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