Secrets that Motivate User to “share’’ on Social Media

social media


Social media has become an inevitable element in the life of individuals and organizations. It plays an important role in the shaping of users’ opinions including their decisions to buy and make shopping. That’s why it has become a main core of marketing strategies of companies that want to keep visibility within their customers and community and build a strong relationship.

The power of social media lays in the fast way the information and content is spread and the instant way the user gets and shares content with his circles and communities. So, the effectiveness of social media comes from the facilitation of spread of information, but what are the main factors that push a user to share certain content and recommend it to his friends.

A new study conducted by researchers from the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of Sfax, Tunisia and published in a Journal of Marketing Research & Case Studies has gone deeply through the subject and tried to find a number of answers to the customers’ attitudes that lay behind the sharing process.

The study finds that the sharing has a lot to do with the user’s psychology and “The experience on the social networks is considered as hedonist experience associating positive feelings which can influence positively the attitude to the recommendation.”  The study stressed that “the recommendation is strongly influenced by the intrinsic motivation and the self-esteem”.

Based on the study, different psychological messages could be grasped from the sharing process. “The user can assert himself as an active member of the community; he can assert also his membership of his reference group.” The researchers also stated that “Internet users who share information on the social networks want to act as opinion leaders; they possess a certain expertise in a specific domain gained by their involvement.” The study added that “the consumers trying to obtain the recognition from others and to make good impression are more inclined to share information on the social networks.”

So when a company understands users well, it can work to develop a significant presence online and build a strong relationship with them. On this level, the study discussed the importance of what it calls “’the opinion leaders’ who are characterized by high self esteem, a strong involvement and a favorable attitude to the recommendation.” The study stated that these consumers “can help companies to increase their visibility on these networks”

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