Some Factors Affecting Online Customer Satisfaction


Success of any business is primarily based on user satisfaction which is a major predictor of online consumer behavior, and online business is no exception. But, what builds up this user satisfaction and motivates a user to like and use an online system or website and keep coming back. Knowing these factors that affect how your service is perceived is your step toward success.

A group of researchers from Amman Arab University, Jordan and George Washington University, USA have investigated factors that affect user satisfaction in using a web system or website. This new study which is published in Communications of the IBIMA Journal found three main predictors of e-service satisfaction which are design, navigation, and personalization.

When you visit a website for the first time, you feel you are unfamiliar with functionalities and how it performs. Yet if the website is well presented with a nice web design and well structured to facilitate browsing over pages, you certainly like it and keep visiting it.

Instead, providing a poor website directly affects users’ interaction. Researchers stated that “if customers believe that an organization’s website is hard to use, poorly designed, and doesn’t take into consideration distinguished services for each user, then customers are likely to move to other organizations’ websites.”

The quality of your e-service marks your online presence and differentiate your from other businesses. Your e-service’s performance is “offering enhanced satisfaction, encouraging repeat purchases and building loyalty… E-service quality may also affect customers’ emotional responses such as liking, joy, pride, dislike and frustration”.


In reference to other previous studies, researchers stated that “web user’s intention to revisit the website was significantly influenced by his/her positive attitude towards the website… time it takes to download a webpage, the graphical and textual features that affect the user’s sense of ease or comfort with the website and the aesthetics of a website should be considered in website design.”


Website navigation is how the website is organized including design, layout, links, and all information in the site. The study stated that “consumers can be easily turned off when the website is not easy to navigate.” As much as the website is easy to use, it helps improve customer satisfaction.

The study also stated that “navigation or interactivity was defined as the ability to allow the user and the company to communicate directly with each other without concern for distance or time.” And “communication is part of e-quality and is an antecedent to satisfaction.”


Researchers also mentioned that personalization or customization “is also an important aspect of website quality…Customization was defined as the ability of websites to present information tailored to individual requirements, or the capability to provide the customized information requirements of specific groups of customers.”

The study also stated “that the property of customization is a critical element and can considerably influence the performance of the website. The designers of websites should take into serious consideration the wide variety of the people who visit the websites in order to satisfy their expectations.”

This study investigated the impact of website design, navigation and personalization on e-service satisfaction, and found that these factors have significant influence. Building a well personalized website with good design and easy to use is an important element that helps organizations succeed because customers will like your web service and will come again.


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